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No other garage door service company in the Charlestown area has the selection of parts nor the access to the top manufacturers that Charlestown Garage Door Service Repair has. This serves our customers well because they never have to wait for a part to come in or settle for something that didn’t really want. Whether you’re in search of weather-proofing materials, hardware, or miscellaneous garage door parts, you can find them with Charlestown Garage Door Service Repair.

Garage Door Springs

Charlestown Garage Door Service Repair Charlestown, MA 617-297-0850One of the most important components of any garage door system is its springs. These help to counterbalance the door’s weight while it is in the process of lifting and lowering. As difficult as it may be to believe, damage to a single spring can cause the entire garage door to malfunction. Charlestown Garage Door Service Repair carries several different sizes and varieties of extension, torsion, and other springs to ensure proper operation of your garage door.

The experts at Charlestown Garage Door Service Repair are always available to assist you in selecting the correct springs for your garage door. We also provide you with timely advice on keeping them in good working condition. Our service providers can repair any type of springs 24 hours a day and seven days a week. This includes extension and torsion as well as multiple types of non-standard springs for your garage door.

Torsion Springs

Your garage door’s torsion springs are located on the metal bar that goes over the top of it to help distribute the weight load. It does this by sending equal amounts of weight to the stabilizing bar attached to the door. This bar contains cable spools at either end that unwind each time the door goes up or down.

Torsion springs are designed in such a way that they can easily manage the nearly one-ton weight of the average garage door. Without these springs, it would be impossible for even several people to lift the door independently. The individual strength of the torsion springs depends on their coil and wire size, diameter, and several other factors. Most residential garage doors require one or two torsion springs to operate effectively. Commercial and other heavier doors may need at least three torsion springs.

Extension Springs

Each extension spring of your garage door is located on either its pulley installation or doorframe. In order to manipulate the immense weight of the door, these springs contract and stretch while it is in the process of raising or lowering. Extension springs operate as a connection point to pull and balance the garage door’s weight. The spring that is in the process of shortening is the one that forces the door up towards the ceiling of the garage door.

This type of spring, along with torsion springs, manages intense weight. For this reason, lay people should not attempt to adjust or repair them in any way. While you understandably want to get the job done, remember that you can call us for assistance 24 hours a day.

Spring Repair

The springs on your garage door are a tiny but integral part of its operation. Due to their specialty design, they are subject to sudden failure as well. These parts are underneath up to one ton of pressure from the weight of your garage door and help to manage and distribute it. That means a spring suddenly giving way can quickly turn into a dangerous situation as it causes the door to crash to the ground. This is why regular maintenance of your garage door springs is so essential. Charlestown Garage Door Service Repair specializes in both maintenance and repair of all types of springs.