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Charlestown Garage Door Service Repair is a recognized leader in routine and emergency garage door repairs, preventive maintenance, specialty design, and installation in this community and for many miles around. No matter which service you require, you can contact us at any hour and on any day to receive the same professional service. We always make sure that your garage door is fully operational before we leave your home or business.

The Price of Unqualified Maintenance

Charlestown Garage Door Service Repair Charlestown, MA 617-297-0850No one likes to spend more money than necessary, but choosing a low-budget garage door service company is rarely worth the small savings you might realize. That is because these organizations are notorious for hiring inexperienced laborers to cut their own costs. The only problem with this approach is that the work these workers complete is usually not up to par and customers need to request another service call. That not only ends up costing the home or business owner more money, it also increases the risk of injury for everyone involved.

At Charlestown Garage Door Service Repair, we feel that sending a highly experienced service technician to every job is the least we can do. We know that you depend on us to provide timely, expert services no matter what your specific need. No matter the situation, the day, or the hour, you can expect a technician from our company to report to your property in under 60 minutes. Once there, we perform the needed services with both thoroughness and efficiency.

Garage Door Checkup

Every garage door system is complex because the components are inter-dependent on one another. A failure at any point in the command chain could quickly escalate to the entire door being inoperable. The good news is that you can prevent this type of problem by making a small investment in routine maintenance. This is especially important for customized and heavy-duty garage doors. No matter what the make or model or your garage door, our service technicians have the necessary tools and expertise to fix it.

Proactively scheduling a check-up for your garage once a year could save you a lot of money and aggravation. At this appointment, your technician describes any potential issues as well as devises a plan to address them. While we complete minor repairs on the same day, we need to schedule a future appointment for repairs that require more of our time and attention. Some of the areas we check during your preventive appointment include the springs, panels, track, and hardware.

Off-Track Garage Door

The track assembly of a garage door is what allows it to open and close in a smooth, uninterrupted fashion. When the wheels come off the track, you may not be able to raise or lower the door at all. Trying to repair the problem on your own only leads to greater frustration!

A broken cable is the most typical reason the tracking system of a garage door becomes disabled. While this may happen suddenly, it more often results from years of erosion due to moisture and extremes in temperature. When the materials in the cable breaks down, you’re suddenly dealing an off-track problem that renders your garage door inoperable. In most cases, a cable breaks on only the left or right side while you’re trying to open the door.

A garage door’s electric eye is responsible for detecting any foreign objects while it is attempting to close. A tracking issue can easily result from this type of malfunction. The door can also separate from its track due to the impact of something striking it hard from the outside. Regardless of the circumstances, the result is the same. Your garage door is off its track and you need immediate assistance to repair it. Charlestown Garage Door Service Repair is available to fix this problem 24 hours a day.